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Identification Equipment
Identification Equipment
Latex Packaging Equipment
Environmental protection equipment
Handheld inkjet printer • Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ)
Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) • Thermal Foaming Inkjet Printer• Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) • Laser Marking Machine (LASER)
Latex PillowMattress Rolling and Packing MachineSponge Sheet Rolling MachinePillow and Mattress Gluing MachineSponge Mattress Gluing MachinePUR Hot Melt Glue Roller Coater MachineMattress Flat Press Machine
Industrial Dust CollectorDust Explosion ProtectionExplosion Isolation DeviceExplosion Venting Device
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Areas of Service
Identification Field
Latex Packaging Field
Environmental Protection Field
Imported Supply Chain
Identification Equipment is widely used in various industries such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, wood, mechanical parts, rubber products, and plastic products.
Latex Packaging Equipment are used in the latex pillow, latex mattress, and sponge mattress industries for processes such as gluing, spraying, pressing, and roll packaging. Our main customers are domestic latex-related industry factories and clients from Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
The products mainly serve manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, petrochemicals, papermaking, metallurgy, machine tools, and shipbuilding.
Industrial dust collectors and dust explosion-proof equipment are applied in industries such as polishing, cutting, grinding, demolition, and incineration for dust removal and safety explosion prevention.
Comprehensive Technical Support and Services
Quality Management
Strict management ensures the stability of product quality, meeting the demands for consistently high-quality products.
On-time Delivery
Utilizing an advanced production management system, we guarantee on-time delivery to meet customer project schedules and production requirements.
Guidance and Debugging
We provide reliable on-site guidance and debugging services, ensuring smooth installation and operation of products, and providing customers with the best user experience.
Pre-sales Service
Our experienced sales team provides product introductions and selection guidance. We offer comprehensive customized solutions based on customer needs and provide full-scale service and technical support.
Full Cycle Management
We establish equipment records and provide comprehensive equipment management support and reminders throughout the entire lifecycle, ensuring proper management and maintenance of the equipment.
Quick After-Sales Service
We offer 24/7 equipment repair services, responding promptly to customer needs, and providing reliable support to ensure stable operations.
Leading Technology
We offer the latest cutting-edge technology, with the option to upgrade and replace equipment, keeping our customers at the forefront of their industry.
Convenient Service
We provide convenient remote technical services and support, assisting customers in resolving issues and enhancing equipment efficiency.
Service Hotline
Contact number: 86-022-24157636
Email: sales_raysem@hotmail.com;
Wechat: Wecht_RAYSEM
Contact address: Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone (Central Business District)Room 2-1506, 1988 Yingbin Avenue.
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